We execute the global trade of commodities, finished goods, and professional services, and provide international trade consulting for private and public sector clientele.

Supply Chain Management

We manage complex supply chains to optimize for cost and efficiency. Our extensive trade and distribution networks provide you with strategic advantages and insights that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Wholesale Brokering

We connect well vetted buyers and sellers of raw materials, finished goods, and professional services around the globe. We will also operate territorial sales and distribution offices for you in any of our territories worldwide.


We provide professional consulting services in the fields of international business, information technology, commodities trading, marketing, and government contracting. If you're a start-up looking for capital, we can guide you through the process and help you find the right investor for your vision.



To maximize profits for our clients, while positively impacting the peoples and nations that we conduct business in.




We strive to ensure that all parties are fully aware of all relevant details of deals that they are involved in, who they are working with, and even about our own internal operations.


Honor is more important to us than money.
We will not infringe our name for any amount of money; we simply do not think it is worth it.


We will always give you a clear and accurate assessment of arrangements, environments, and variables in all deals and transactions. We will not waste time and money by misrepresenting opportunities; if we can not do something, we will tell you that we can not do it.


Our executive partners have extensive professional backgrounds and experience in diplomatic affairs; our clients know that if they are being represented by us, they are being represented in the best light.

The Lux-Story

Lux is Latin for light; Comercia is Latin for marketing and commerce.
We illuminate the global markets for our clients, as light allows man to move with awareness.

Our story began in 2013, when we were confronted with various issues in conducting international trade. Businesses and individuals were unreliable, unaccountable, unprofessional, dishonest,  lacking transparency, lacking marketing skills, and thus causing deals to be needlessly delayed or not happening at all. Our experience was not unique.

This is when we decided to combine our resources, extensive personal and professional networks, specialized skills, and varied experiences under one roof and create Lux Comercia, to establish a global network of reliable and professional partners in a variety of global industries. We created a Global Trade Index (GTI), which is our curated database of firms that have undergone out multi-stage vetting process. We also decided to adopt a transparent and open philosophy that would not only illuminate the markets for our clients, but also lead to changes in the trade brokering community as a whole.
Our primary focus is on raw and finished commodities trading, especially in precious metals, agricultural goods, oil, and precious gems. This led us to the brokerage of our first oil transportation deal in Ghana and subsequent work on brokering a fuel deal between West Africa and North America. Over the years, we have worked on various energy deals and government contracts around the globe. In 2018, we decided to branch out and expand our operations into the Information Technology and Cyber Security sectors. This led us to brokering various IT and Cyber Security contracts in the Middle East. 
Our mission is to make international trade transactions easy and efficient. With many years of experience in working with companies across the globe in multiple industries, there are rarely any customs, trade, or business challenges that we have not faced the like of. With Lux Comercia at your side, you have the peace of mind that all your needs will be met in the most professional, reliable, and optimal way.

Let's trade.